Bird seed 1 identified...

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Bird seed 1 identified...

Post by MWP admin » Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:06 am

Hi, I have the first flower from one of the many different bird seeds that my father have for his Gouldian finches and other finches he breeds.

The seed is black and locally known as "Skalora sewda". It germinated readily and one specimen flowered in 6 weeks. I have identified the species as Guizotia abyssinica (L. fil.) Cass., Dict. Sci. Nat. 59: 248 (1829).

Being 20-30cm high, the cultivated plants are dwarfs compared to the size that normal plants grow in East Africa - up to 2 metres. Probably the prefer warmer climate and better results may have obtained if sown in Apr-May so as they find themselves home in our Summer.

It is closely related to Eclipta [:tongue: ] in the keys of the FLora Europaea - here's a description of the plant (op. cit.):

  1. Stems up to 2 m, erect, divaricately branched, glandular-hairy above.

    Leaves 3-10 cm, oblong lanceolate, serrate to subentire, sessile, amplexicaul.

    Capitula with 5 outer involucral bracts - ovate to ovate-lanceolate, the inner hairy.

    Ligules 11-15 mm, usually 8.

    Achenes c. 4 mm, widened upwards, shining brown or black.

    Cultivated for the oil obtained from the achenes and for bird-seed.

    Casual in most parts of Europe and locally naturalized. [Cz Ge Hs It.] (E. Africa.)
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Leaf detail
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