Sponsorships, advertisments and funds

This vast site now needs funds and cannot be sustained without resources

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Sponsorships, advertisments and funds

Post by MWP admin » Mon Sep 05, 2005 2:33 pm

This vast website needs some funds to keep running up and cover expenses and time dedication. I am open handed to any kind of sponsorship, financial aids, and commercial advertisment deals so that I can keep improving and working on the the site (always in my free time!) and so put butter on my bread as the english say.

Contact me on info@maltawildplants.com

Big companies such as Cisk Simonds Farsons, BOV, HSBC, Gasan Ins, Middlesea Ins, etc should reserve and donate some money for such environmental projects (not only this website) that are of uptmost importance to increase the awerness and education in our community.

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