Collapsed boulder with soil still trapped in d karstic rock

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Collapsed boulder with soil still trapped in d karstic rock

Post by MWP admin » Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:14 pm

This was interesting for me, I was at a scree area and one of the large boluders collapsed in an upside down position, that is that what was the ground, before the boulder fell down, now it was hanging down forming the roof of a small kind of cavity.

What's more interesting is that the soil present in the rock pits is that before the collapse took place, and might be few thosands of years ago.

Further more I could see remains of dry stems / roots / and a trunk of some shrub. The soil had numerous holes, probably recently dug by some insect. These holes/cavities were about 1cm accross.

The soil was reddish, like terrarossa soil. No living plant was of course found.
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