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Ephedra fragilis  Desfontaines  (Fam: EPHEDRACEAE.)
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
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Species Info

Species name:

Ephedra fragilis   Desfontaines

Principal Synonym:

No Main Synonyms

Plant Family:

Ephedraceae   (Joint-Pine Family)

General names:


Maltese name:



Indigenous. Originating from the Maltese islands

Frequency in the wild:

Very Common     Common     Frequent     Scarce     Rare     Very Rare     Extinct

Growth form:

Nano-Phanerophyte (Small trees / Large shrubs)

Legal Protection:

Protected by law (schedule I of legal notice LN200/2011) and cannot be pruned or harmed

Red List 1989:

This species has a threatened status and is listed in the Flora section of the National Red Data Book (Lanfranco, 1989)

Flowering Time:




Photo Gallery (9 images)

   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-0.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-1.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-2.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-3.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-4.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-5.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-6.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-7.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra
   Ephedra fragilis   -   Image Code: EPHFR-8.
Ephedra fragilis / Joint-Pine / Efedra

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