Sharing your photos with

On way you can help getting better is by contributing your own photos of those plant species which lack or have very few photos. There is an upload image form in such plant profiles where one can easily send images via the internet. Photo contributions are very appreciated by the team and you will be credited accordingly. It may take several days until the uploaded photos to be displayed online on the corresponding plant profile.

Below you find a list of instructions how to upload your images and the conditions incurred :


  1. Goto the upload image form in the photo gallery section of the corresponding plant profile and fill in your name, email and other particulars. (nb: Email for personal communication only)
  2. Browse and select the image file to submit from your PC and then click on [Open].
  3. If necessary, write down additional comments in the comments text box.
  4. Finally there is an option whether you want or not to have your credits displayed as an author of the photo.
  5. If the photo is not yours, please get permission of the author before submitting and write the author's credit name in the comments box.
  6. Photos must be at least 400 pixel wide, ideally over 800 pixel.


  1. Make sure that the image you are uploading is the same as plant species requested
  2. All images are personally checked and edited before putting on the website. It is useless to send improper images, and such an act will result of loosing the trust and ref code from
  3. If you want to send a set of photos, you can easily pack them as a single zip file and send that file.
  4. Upload limit is 2.5Mb (2,500kb)
  5. Each photo undergoes examination, and if it is not the correct plant species or not enough photographic quality (blurred, noisy, too small,etc) , it can be rejected from being shown online.
  6. If find better images from the one uploaded, they will be removed without notification
  7. Sending copyright protected photos of other authors without permission is not allowed, and you will be responsible for such an illegal act. Submitted photos must be yours or at least have permission from the author to share the files.